In times past, families would live in the same town for generations however now, our society is mobile. This has presented a challenge for guardianship matters because people move from State to State. With the enactment of the Uniform Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act (UGAPPJA) their is a process for courts to determine jurisdiction of guardianship matters.

For families, UGAPPJA  allows a process to transfer an existing guardianship from one state to another without having to begin the process all over. The law also protects elders, who rely upon others for care, from being taken from their homes to a new state and being subjected to guardianship proceedings without due process. 



The Medicare program became law in 1966. Under Title XVIII of the Social Security Act, Medicare provides health insurance for persons over the age of 65, persons who are under 65 and disabled, persons with ALS-Lou Gehrig’s Disease and persons with End State Renal Disease (ESRD).