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    Elder Law attorneys are defined by the people we serve. The Law office of Heather Carty Ward works primarily seniors and adults with disabilities.

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Accessible. Advocate. Advisor.

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When looking for an attorney, it's important to ask the right questions to find the attorney with the best fit for your case.

Have Experience On Your Side


Clients of the Law Office of Heather Carty Ward choose a caring accessible attorney who will give their matter the personal attention that it deserves.


We represent and advise seniors, people with disabilities and their families to ensure they are able to live independently. From seeking guardianship for a loved one, preparing for the possibility of long-term care or managing to stay at home, it is our goal to advise and guide clients and their families as they make these important life decisions.


After years of taking care of others, seniors deserve to live safely and independently. Whether it is seeking protection from exploitation or putting safeguards in place for a trusting senior, we advocate for the rights of Seniors.